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Connecting to potential customers via the internet does not need to be a daunting task. Being ‘non techy’ as people often think of themselves mustn't be a barrier. After all, few of us know what goes on beneath the bonnet of the car so we entrust its upkeep and repair to the garage. But like ‘the garage’, we can sometimes have a natural doubt about the work involved and what we might need to learn to understand it more. So too, many people have no interest in DIY and either muddle through or get someone in.

However like DIY, leaving it unattended to is not the solution. Not having a web presence today is automatically excluding you from a share of the market that your competitors may already have with their web sites. It’s not an option any more and the web is now the easiest source for consumers to find information.

Net Reaction is a small independent business, established in Jan 2002, providing simple web site solutions to getting the best out of small and medium budgets. You receive 'one stop shop' service to achieving or upgrading your on line presence, from helping you to think about what you need to do to, scoping the project, building the site in a scaleable way that it can be easily added to later, building in elements that are important to the search engines, adding your images, setting up your domain (your web address) and email if required and then hosting the site for a small annual fee.

Additional services are also provided such as photography, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), link development, existing site maintenance, project management, e-newsletters.


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