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Any details provided by you in the course of an enquiry and any ensuing booking will never be made available to any other party. Your details will only be used by myself for contacting you in the course of the enquiry, a booking and any follow up. It may also be used for sending details of special offers from time to time and you may ask to be removed from this list at any time. Cookies When entering a website, your computer will automatically be sent a 'cookie'. These are little text files that recognize your computer with the server. Cookies as such do not recognize you as the individual computer user but just the computer being used. This is done by many or indeed most servers in order to be able understand when a new user visits a site and then when that computer accesses the site again another time, in order to track access flows. You have the opportunity to set your computer to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. (Please refer to you computer help tab to find how to regulate your Internet Access) These cookies only record those areas of the site that have been visited by the computer in question, and for how long. This is important in order to know what part of the site is of most interest to viewers. They do not identify you or any data held on your computer.


Site Accuracy and Third Party Web Sites

The information on this web site is intended for your general information. It is a guide only. I have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this web site. However, I give no representations, assurances, undertakings or warranties about the accuracy, correctness or fitness for purpose regarding the site or any web site referred to by them ("third party site"). I accept no responsibility for any reliance placed on the contents of this site and viewers are advised to check with the relevant web site link, for particular or important information. I do not approve or endorse the information in any third party site, though it is provided in good faith as relevant information. I accept no responsibility for, and therefore will have no liability in connection with any third party site.

Imagery on Web Site

All photography by myself. All are protected by Copyright.


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